Sustainable development

Our vision and actions in sustainable development

Find out how a transport company working mainly in tourism can contribute to this on a daily basis and have a positive social, economic and environmental benefits!

Recycling and recovery

In the office, as in the garage!

Participation in recovery and recycling programs set up; for tires, motor oils and other recyclable materials.


Reduction of paper use

“Zero paper” objective

With the addition of screens and scanners, we are reducing the use of paper on a daily basis.


Eco-responsible vehicles

PREVOST’s commitment and passion

Leading the industry in reducing waste and pollution, as well as optimally reusing the resources used in their processes and products.


Local purchase

Promote the purchase of products and services made in Quebec

The choice of our suppliers’ counts for a lot. We favour local purchases from recognized companies.


Participate in a greenhouse gas (GHG) offset program

Planting of trees on behalf of Autocar HÉLIE, to offset greenhouse gases, in collaboration with CARBONE BORÉAL.


CSR policy

Establish a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR), in order to reduce its ecological impact.


Use environmentally friendly cleaners

For vehicle maintenance and office space maintenance


Eco-driving training

Allows a reduction in the costs of use and maintenance of vehicles, an improvement in road safety and a reduction in the environmental footprint of vehicles.